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Our professional decorating and painting experts have painting and decorating as their primary profession and help you to achieve the best finish that you’ve been finding difficult to attain with a DIY.

Being in the industry for over two decades, we’ve experience in handling any larger projects and provide a first-class service, quality and customer satisfaction that is second to none in Sydney.

Are you looking for office painting services in Sydney? Then, you should focus on hiring people who are willing to take on any painting project that cause minimum fuss and disruption to your business. At Starland Sydney Painters and Decorators, we provide you professional painting and decoration services that suits the decorating needs of your business. Our professionals are certified and trained to work on any painting or decoration project and take away all the stress you’ve been dealing with any maintenance work at your office.more...

People might think painting and decoration to be simple, but, the fact is it’s not always a walk in the park. Once you start painting, you come across strange things such as,

  • Paint stains on the carpet
  • Skirting boards
  • Light switches
  • Pain marks on the walls
  • Not getting the layers of paint even across all areas of the wall and more.

In some situations, even putting up a wallpaper to spruce up your home interior becomes a hectic task to deal with.

So, are you giving a thought on any industrial, residential, or commercial painting or decoration job? Get in touch with out Sydney painters and decorators to get the job done well and at the right time.

At Starland Painting, we’ve been working with the mission to being beautiful and appealing painting and decorating services to all in Sydney at the most competitive rates. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner juggling between the work and personal life, we’ve got everything to transform your living or office space into something new, vibrant and customised to fit all your needs. Our team of experts specialise in carrying out different maintenance tasks such as,

  • Residential painting and decorating
  • Commercial painting & decorating
  • Office fit-out
  • Office refurbishment and more

Our industrial, commercial and residential painters Sydney specialise in all kinds of internal and external painting works in Sydney for home, heritage, office, hotels, schools and factories.

Our trained professional specialise in different kinds of painting services such as residential painting, commercial painting, hotels painting, special effects painting, office painting, epoxy flooring, industrial painting, warehouse painting, roof painting, interior & exterior painting, heritage painting, concrete painting, and more.

At Starland Sydney Painters and Decorators, we work with the purpose to provide top-notch residential, commercial and industrial painting and decoration services that are carried out only by certified individuals. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our success is clearly visible through the high-quality painting and decorating works we’ve done for our clients. Our’s is a quality driven company based in Sydney with a great number of qualified professionals partnered with a knowledgeable management team to undertake any commercial, industrial, residential or government projects. Starland Sydney Painters and Decorators is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for qualified professionals to handle your painting and decorating projects for your commercial office, retail outlet or large residential home.

We are focused and trained to work around your decoration and painting project without causing any disruption to your business or home life. Our professionals adhere strictly to your project time-table and deliver a quality service that exceeds your expectation. The secrets behind our success are,

  • Experienced and fully qualified team of experts
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Flexible hours of working and more.

Today is the race of green living, isn’t it? At Starland Sydney Painters and Decorators we use only eco-friendly, green products and paints with no smell. As a leading painters and decorators in Sydney, we also provide expert advice to our clients that result in positive results always. Our clients recommend us as we keep our communication high with them and deliver a quick, courteous, clean, and trustful service.

Painting Services Sydney

Our painting services in Sydney are available for all building types including residential, commercial, industrial, strata and more. We are equipped with the right professional tools and necessary skills to get the job done right in a professional manner. Moreover, our painters in Sydney are certified, trained and experienced in providing high standards of workmanship and deliver quality services that withstands the test of time. We use only high quality paints and other products for your painting project and provide an excellent service that speaks well about our quality workmanship. Our different types of painting services include,

Sydney House Painting

House Painting

Our house painters have the highest standards of quality and service in Sydney residential painting sector. Whatever your reason for painting, Sydney house painters have the talented staff and painting experience to make it happen.

Commercial Painting Sydney

Commercial Painting

Our Commercial Painting division has the facility to carry out jobs both large and small. We employ high quality, experienced decorators and production managers to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Industrial Painting Sydney

Industrial Painting

Starland Painters Contracts specialists in industrial painting services in Sydney including warehouse painting, factory redecoration, floor painting, cladding, steelworks, concrete and many more.

Roof Painting in Sydney

Roof Painting

If you’re looking for advanced and modernize roof painting services, then you have a great opportunity to contact us.
Our highly trained experts offer all types of roof painting experienced in roof repair, roof restoration, roof cleaning and many more.

Interior Painting & Decorating

Interior Painting

Interior painting and decorating is not the same as other painting jobs, which means you need to find a professional service that understands how to navigate around lighting, decorative hardware, railings, windows, doors and more.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Starland painting provides a variety of exterior painting services. Once we determine your needs based on the consultation and the type of building material, we give you a reasonable rate!

Commercial Painters Sydney

At Starland Sydney Painters and Decorators, our motto is “Impossible is Possible.’ With a combined experience of over half a century, we have been specialising in all aspects of maintenance jobs that include interior and exterior painting and decoration of high end residential, industrial, strata, commercial and other buildings. The primary reasons of our success are high quality workmanship backed by a greater level of customer satisfaction and workmanship that is in a less expensive fashion. We work with the aim to provide a high quality service with an unquestionable workmanship at a relatively affordable price that makes our clients happy. Our business relationship with our present clients is brought up by our love, passion and commitment to our profession.

Starland Sydney Painters and Decorators is the ultimate destination for those who want to beautify their home or business. Our professional have undergone special training and certification to freshen up the look of your home or office, and give your office or home building with a whole new and exciting look that you’ve never seen before.more...

Our team of expert use only premium quality products and knows which colour or what type of decoration looks best on your home or office building. With strong tones and pops of colour, our experts helps you to finish off your new build in style and restore old property to the new glam. Our customer service and sales team work hard to provide a positive experience all year-round for our clients. When it comes to decorating and painting projects, we are the leaders in quality. We are ready to assist you any time with your painting and decoration project and offers a clean quote that is competitive and affordable.

If you are looking for the right painters or decorators for your home or office, tell us your vision, requirement and colour palette you have in your mind, we will ensure that we will create a masterpiece that exceeds your expectation.

Whether you require a painting for your luxury or modern home, or maintaining body corporate decoration, we perform all the residential and commercial makeover with utmost care and can make your investment worth spending and lasts.

Quality painting and decorating services