Commercial Painting Services in Sydney

Whether you are running a large or small business, Starland Painting & Decorating has got your commercial painting needs covered! Our team of professional experts are well-trained and highly experienced to carry out any commercial painting jobs that are both small and large. At Starland Painting & Decorating, we employ only certified and well-experienced decorators and production managers to provide commercial painting services on time and within your budget. Our professionals also offer painting services for buildings with limited work upon request and if it is required as the part of the decorations.

At Starland Painting & Decorating, we’ve a proven track record of offering commercial painting and decorating services throughout NSW & ACT. One the day of scheduling your renovation and painting work with us, we would talk with you to negotiate any kind of problems and are readily available 24/7 to meet the demands of our clients even under the most hectic time schedule of our business.

Our skilled and proficient commercial painters in Sydney have over a decade of experience in the industry and come with the essential qualifications and approvals. They are regularly trained to deliver a reliable service in a timely fashion.

How We Differ?

  • Quick Service
  • Reliable
  • High-quality guaranteed
  • Professionalism
  • Great Communication and more.

Our professionals from Starland Painting & Decorating can work on everything including shops, schools, government buildings, hospitals and more. They know the “in and out” of our business from the operation perspective and have experience in working in,

  • Australian landmark buildings such as the Opera House and the Parliament Houses
  • Working on two story federation houses in Paddington,
  • APM Tower in Circular Quay
  • Various high end hotels like Sheridan, Hilton, and P1 and more.

Our commercial painting services in Sydney are designed for large commercial buildings, entertainment venues, party halls, arenas, storage facilities and warehouses, parking garages, underground parking garages, condos, gyms and fitness centres, offices buildings, and apartment buildings.

We specialise in,

  • Servicing throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas.
  • Providing free and detailed quotes at any time of the day.
  • Working flexible hours that is in accordance with the business timings and convenience.
  • Working 24/7 and 52 weeks of the year.
  • Maintaining a broad insurance, and health & safety cover for our services offered.

Our professionals strive hard to provide you a quality service that is second to none and completed in a fixed timeline. With our professional by your side, you will wonder how quick and easy it is to give a fresh new look to your office space. Our experienced crew of painters employ advanced techniques and equipment to get the job done right without compromising on the quality of the work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why choose Starland Painters to repaint your commercial place?

What makes Starland Painters different than its competitors when it comes to commercial painting?

We are 100% transparent and honest with our clients and always tell the truth, regardless whether we win the job or lose it our competitors. In commercial world time is money and we always try to come up with unique tactics and strategies for every single painting project, which will save our clients considerable amount of time that is money. We NEVER charge our clients any extras, or create any extra jobs with the intention of charging our clients more, unless our clients instruct us to do so otherwise.In addition, being very well trusted by a number of a fairly large and international businesses, have made us to be trustworthy and reliable, which makes us to be proud of what we do and how we do it, which has been, and will be, different than most of our competitors.

Why Should I change my office colours and what colours are recommended?

My commercial place is an old building and is listed on the State/National Heritage Register. Can your company repaint Heritage buildings?

Yes. Starland painters are also specialised and experienced in restoring the former glory of our beautiful and Heritage listed buildings. We pay attention to details of such projects and strip out the old and flaky paints off the surface till we reach to the substrate and then we work our way all the way up creating a wow factor.

Can your company commence its activities on a short notice and work over time and under pressure.

Yes. Being in the industry for more two decades and learning from the past and the present failures and successes have enabled us to be extremely resilient and work effectively and efficiently under extreme conditions and deadlines, without any complains.

Am I obligated to accept your quotation?

Surly you are NOT. Starland Painters provide an obligation free quotation, PLUS a free consultation prior to providing any quotations, i.e, colour selection.

Can I call Starland painters after hours if I needed to do so?

Yes. We work 24/7, excluding the Public Holidays, unless it is an emergency otherwise.

Do Starland painters repair water damaged walls and ceilings?

Yes. As matter of fact, some of our commercial jobs in the past were involved repairing, replacing, and plastering water damaged sections of walls and ceilings of many commercial and residential places, particularly during the wet seasons and torrential rains.

What are the Starland painting’s policies in relation to OH & S?

We DO have a zero degree tolerance policy towards health and safety of our employees and people around us at job sites. We do have a very comprehensive SWMS, and always come up with a specific one for every single painting project that we have work on, and do make sure all our teams members have understood the entire SWMS created for a particular job that they have to work on prior they commence their activities.

Is your company insured?

Yes. We are fully insured and have the right Workers Compensations and public Liability policies in which you may receive a copy of upon your request.

How does Starland Painitng charge its clients?

Upon accepting our quotation by our valued clients, we may require a 10% deposit prior to commencing our painting activities and the remaining balance can be paid on two separate instalments, half way through the job and at the end of the job, depending on our agreement. We accept all types of payments.

What areas does Starland painting provide its services?

We provide our painting and decorating services through the entire ACT, Sydney metro, and surrounding Sydney suburbs.

Does Starland Painting enforce BCA?

Yes. We always comply with the Building Codes of Australia, regardless of any circumstances.

My questions are not answered here.

You may state your enquires in writing and email it to us, or reach us on 0416 59 59 49 at any times to receive our swift respond.