Are you a home or business owner looking for painting and decorating services to enhance the overall look of your property in Sydney? Starland Painting & Decorating is the right choice for you!

How We Differ?

At Starland Painting & Decorating, we perform through our quality works. Our communication with our clients is in a less complicated fashion and ensures that we understand each other’s need in a detailed manner.

Our professionals know the “in and out” of our business from the operation perspective and have experience in working in,

  • Australian landmark buildings such as the Opera House and the Parliament Houses
  • Working on two story federation houses in Paddington,
  • APM Tower in Circular Quay
  • Various high end hotels like Sheridan, Hilton, and P1 and more.

Working with commitment in all the above projects has made us strong and emerge as the best in the industry. Moreover, this experience has moulded us in all ways and enabled us perform all the painting and decoration tasks for residential, commercial and industrial sector in a timely fashion and within the prescribed budget. We do not charge any additional costs.

Our expert team of professionals know the science behind the service we are offering to a very great degree. This has enabled us to offer an excellent workmanship. Moreover, we work with directors and are available 24/7 to your service unlike other service providers who does businesses in luxury offices with more expensive advertising strategies. We do not follow any fraudulent strategies that cost our client’s money and time.

Most professional at Starland Painting & Decorating are highly experienced and are the part of our extended family. Only because of them we deliver projects and have enormous competitive advantage compared to others in the industry.

One of the key policies of our painting and decorating business is increased customer satisfaction. Whenever we sign a project, we make sure to achieve the best result at a less cost. We also conduct several quality checks during and upon the completion of the project to ensure that the quality of service provided by us exceeds the expectations of our prospective clients. We also put forward an extra step to maintain a better relationship with our clients.

At Starland Painting & Decorating, we hold the right paperwork and policies to run the business in Sydney in a professional manner. Since high quality workmanship is the key foundation for our painting and decorating business, we guarantee the quality of all our services for your residential, commercial or industrial projects. We make ourselves available upon our client’s request and have no hesitation in doing so.